The evolution of TM1

The evolution of TM1

The Complete Platform for Finance and Operations

IBM has recognized the unique strengths of TM1 and is now evolving the system at a record high pace. Today Planning Analytics With Watson builds on top of the TM1 functional database and adds some of the most modern concepts of financial and operative forecasting and analysis

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Predictive and Data Driven Analytics (new)

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From its very first days in 1983, TM1 was built for storing data and structures in RAM instead of disk. Thanks to the early core principles of TM1 it is today the most flexible, reliable and highest performing functional database on the market.

It allows interactive budgeting, forecasting, and what-if-simulations, Reporting and Analysis as well as performs advanced calculations, allocations and data transformations. The TM1 Functional Database provides the same level of flexible modelling capability as Excel, but allows thousands of users, terabytes of data in a version controlled secured enterprise solution while maintaining ownership either centralized or fully in the hands of Finance super users

From Web to Workspace

Web based Reporting and Analytics will always be a backbone in any modern solution. Planning Analytics Workspace (PAW) offers full compatibility with your existing views and reports and Workspace adds some game changing features such as:

Self service dashboarding
Trust and enable your business users to analyse data

Through its collaboration with Cognos Analytics most visualisations are now shared between the IBM platforms. This gives Planning Analytics direct access to top of the line Business Intelligence capabilities

Share and collaborate
Strengthen the analysis by letting users share dashboards and views.


From Perspectives to PAfE

IBM Planning Analytics honors the strong commitment to its business users with a new strong excel plugin to connect directly to secure enterprise data.

Performance over WAN
Utilizing the REST API the high performance of TM1 is not as easily lost over wide network distances.

No install
With a single Excel addin file that runs in Pafe needs no installs or packaging, greatly simplifying future upgrades


Data driven and predictive

The latest versions of Planning Analytics offers a wide range of possibilities for predictive and data driven forecasting as well as automated outlier detections. Business users have full access to use the advanced predictive algorithms. Advanced users or data scientists can access all data via TM1py in a Jupyter notebook or leverage IBM Watson Studio.

Predictive Forecasting
Out of the box advanced algorithms have never been easier for business users to use and comprehend.

Python or R
For data scientists or advanced users the complete REST api offers unmatched capabilities to connect and integrate. Use Watson Studio or Jupyter Notebooks. Your choice

Planning Analytics also features a built in integration with advanced optimization engine CPEX. It enables precise and logical resource allocation solutions using powerful and distributed parallel algorithms.

From installation to Cloud

IBM Planning Analytics is available for you on-premises, on cloud, on cloud-pak for data or as a hybrid solution. IBM also offers migrations to cloud at your own pace with a flexible licensing model. Thanks to a hybrid cloud platform from redhat - openshift IBM now offers the most modern technical platform

Continuous Upgrades
Always up to date. IBM upgrades your environment.

Secure and Reliable
Highest standards for reliability, security and uptime.

Cost effective
Let IBM utilize its size to scale and build cost effective data centers to your advantage.

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Extend your solution

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Lean Working Capital

The SetPoint reflects a company’s Working Capital steady state in which all processes operate in harmony with Suppliers and Customers

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Outlier Detection

Detect values that are too high, too low, or missing. Automate your reconciliation using our outlier detection tool that automatically sorted and visualized

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Office Connect

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Join the large number of organisations leveraging the IBM IFRS16 accelerator for lease accounting. Complete contract lifecycle control

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