Intito Office Connect – the missing piece in the Management reporting puzzle

So, you have probably made an investment in great software to support and secure your daily business needs and challenges. You have a well-designed and appreciated Planning and Forecasting model as well as a comprehensive set of nice Reports and Analysis views giving you a good overview of your business.

Still, this month too, when you have been asked to present the company result after closing the books, you find yourself in a situation where you have to start all over with copy-pasting into your Powerpoint presentation after late changes in the source data. A couple of weeks later, the night before the Management meeting where the budget for next year will be presented, you once again receive a late e-mail from your colleague giving you no other choice than opening up your laptop to update your graphs and KPI’s in the Budget report package.

We have something for you!

Intito Office Connect is a solution that will let you update Data and Report objects in your Powerpoint presentations with a single click of a button. With Intito Office Connect you will:

  • Increase Efficiency in your “Last mile reporting” tasks
  • Increase Quality in your Management report presentations and reduce the risk of human errors
  • Reduce time spent on manual and non-value adding tasks

If you have not yet made an investment in Best-in-Class Performance Management Software, please contact us and we will tell you all about IBM Planning Analytics!


In this video, we will give you a brief overview of how Intito Office Connect lets you define different types of objects to be included in your Powerpoint presentation and how you, with a single-click of a button, can update all your objects connected to your secure IBM Planning Analytics data source.

We will go through the following features:

  1. Define any kind of object within your existing IBM Planning Analytics Excel-layouted reports and insert it in your Powerpoint presentation:
    1. Tables
    2. Charts
    3. Cells
    4. Excel Calculations
  2. Fetch data from your IBM Planning Analytics cubes:
    1. Insert a single data-point (tuple) and insert it as a stand-alone object or embedded in a text box together with your text.
    2. Insert a Cube view
  3. Create and insert Comments with embedded tuples to dynamically change when a filter is applied before you update your presentation.