About us

Intito brand

When we started the company, we tried to find a brand name that was both subtle and bold at the same time. The word “Intito” is a made-up word, but when digging into its history you will find references to words and meanings that we stand behind. Stemming from the Latin word “intuitu”, delivering intelligent IT solutions, using TI processes, Intito is the perfect brand for both us and our customers.

Why we exist

Our business concept is to offer best-in-class competence regarding definition, design and implementation of planning-, reporting-, and analysis solutions (CPM) using the best software available for the purpose. Our business competence allows us to translate complex client needs to an efficient design and our technical competence allows us to deliver best practice code.

Vision & Mission

We rely on the fact that good work pays off. We strive to excel in all business interactions, be it with clients, partners or competitors. This to the best people wanting to join us and clients trusting us to deliver our expertise and strategic partnerships being successful.

We trust that by creating happy colleagues and clients, our reputation, and therefore business, helps us grow organically. Have a look at some of our current Customers.


Employees at Intito feel like they are part of a community. We have a strong focus on maintaining a positive and energized spirit among our employees where everyone is inspired and have fun both during and after business hours.