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We operate in the area of Corporate Performance Management (CPM) which is an umbrella concept for a set of management and analytic processes supported by technology. CPM enables businesses to define strategic goals and then manage and measure organisation’s performance against these goals.

See below how we help you to better manage your corporate’s financial and operational performance.

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Guide: Intito Office Connect – Simplifying your management reporting

4.7.2022 News

Do you spend more time than you would like creating management presentations and reports? Are you using IBM Planning Analytics? Then we have some really… Read More

EU Commission Decision Will Have Major Implications for Around 49,000 companies in the European Union – Here’s How to Keep Your Business up to Date

26.4.2022 News

The European Commission has proposed a new standard for corporate sustainability reporting, effective as of the 2023 financial year. In EU, this change is expected… Read More

Guide: Så jobbar du smartare med finansiell rapportering, planering och analys

2.4.2022 News

  Vi vill utmana företag att jobba effektivare med sina finansiella processer. Steget till att jobba smartare är inte så långt som du tror. Så… Read More

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Lena Lambert, Country CEO, - Intito
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User Interface is Key to Success 

It’s a classic situation; a backend developer is very proud of a super complex code s/he has managed to get working and proudly presents the… Read More
Eve Lallukka 3.10.2022

EU-based companies soon required to report ESG

Creating and reporting balance sheets and income statements in accordance with clear, common rules is the DNA of any Finance Team. If you work with… Read More
Lena Lambert 13.7.2022

Detect Outliers Automatically

You can detect outliers automatically with a little help from advanced algorithms. Without automatic outlier detection, finding outliers can be laborious and therefore many companies… Read More
Eve Lallukka 21.3.2022